2020 Robinson Division Preview – The Pathfinders

Bauer Promises More than Strikeout Strut in Beaconsfield

2020 Prediction: Top Dog of Division

Predicted Order of Finish

  1. Beaconsfield (89 – 73)
  2. Ottawa (88 – 74)
  3. Bristol (77 – 85)
  4. Montreal (73 – 89)

BDB 2019: 79-83 – Third place in the Robinson Division

Last season, Beaconsfield’s plan was to hit their way to their first ever BDB Championship.  The plan went pretty well.  The fact is this did team hit.  They really hit. In fact, they hit so well, that they ended up leading the league in runs scored. The team was led by  BDB MVP Cody Bellinger (.305-66-131) who was supported Two Time BDB MVP by Mike Trout (.273-49-99) as well as Aaron Judge (.277-37-84) and JD Martinez (.276-43-114).  

Seeing as the team finished below .500, it’s pretty clear that the plan had some faults. Heading into 2020, before the BDB Championship Trophy was even placed in the hands of the eventual champions, Beaconsfield owner Don Brodeur set his “new” plan in motion…

BDB 2020: 89-73 – Top Dog of the Division

Yu Leads New Look Pitching Staff

Team Features: BDB Top Ranked Pitching Staff / BDB Top Ranked Bull Pen / 5th Ranked Lineup.

Yu Darvish8.1
Trevor Bauer6.8
Brandon Woodruff5.7
Spencer Turnbull3.8
Adam Wainwright3
Ryan Yarbrough1

Mike Trout6.75
Corey Seager5.13
Jason Heyward4.86
Luke Voit4.86
Austin Nola4.59
Kyle Seager4.05
Chris Taylor4.05
Robinson Cano3.51
Starling Marte3.51
Justin Turner3.51
Maikel Franco3.51
A.J. Pollock2.7

Roster Changes:

Gone: Kendrick, Bellinger, JD Martinez, Tanaka, Scherzer

New: Darvish (T), Bauer (T), Wainwright (D), Nola (T), Cano (D), Franco (D)

Needless to say, there have been plenty of changes in Beaconsfield. The first area Brodeur sought to remedy was the pitching staff, the starting rotation and the pen. The Pathfinders now have three Elite pitchers in their rotation with Yu Darvish, Trevor Bauer and Brandon Woodward. Throw in veteran Adam Wainwright, and you’ve got yourself the top rotation in the league. 

However, what separates the Pathfinders from the other teams is their pen.  The Pathfinders used their first pick of the draft to land Devin Williams who is the standout of the team. He will be supported by Raisel Iglesias, Nick Anderson and a few others.  

As much change has occurred in the pitching staff, almost as many changes have occurred in the lineup. Gone is Cody Bellinger and JD Martinez, and sitting out half the season is Aaron Judge. However, there is plenty of pop in the remaining hitters. Mike Trout and Corey Seager remain as some of the more impactful bats and Luke Voit has arisen to be a legit power bat.  Overall, the team should not suffer from their ability to score runs.  Definitely top third of the league.

Hope for the Future

BDB 2021: 83-79 – Third in TIGHT Robinson Division

BDB 2022: 79-83 – Third in TIGHT Robinson Division

Let’s be honest, the only “Future” that owner Don Brodeur has in mind is October 2021.  I think it’s safe to say that if it would guarantee him a win this year, he would forgo 10 years, maybe 20 years of winning seasons in BDB.  However, given his current team, there is plenty of talent that should give him plenty of teeth to challenge for the next few years.  Look for Aaron Judge and Luke Voit to resume their bashing ways, and Corey Seager to continue his resume building years as one of premiere shortstops in the league.

One of the Pathfinder Stars who continues to shine brighter …
2021 STAFF
Trevor Bauer4.4
Yu Darvish4
Brandon Woodruff3.7
Nathan Eovaldi2.4
John Gray2.2
Ryan Yarborough2
Mike Trout7.4
Corey Seager5.3
Aaron Judge4.4
Andrelton Simmons3.1
Justin Turner3
Luke Voit2.6
Kyle Seager2.3
Chris Taylor2.2
Starling Marte2.2
Austin Nola1.9
Jason Heyward1.7
Hunter Dozier1.6
2022 STAFF
Trevor Bauer3.8
Brandon Woodruff2.8
Yu Darvish2.5
Ryan Yarbrough2.2
Spencer Turnbull2.2
Jon Gray1.8
Mike Trout6.5
Corey Seager4.4
Aaron Judge3.8
Luke Voit2.3
Andrelton Simmons2.1
Chris Taylor2.1
Justin Turner1.8
Randal Grichuk1.6
Kyle Seager1.5
Starling Marte1.5
Mitch Garver1.3
Hunter Dozier1.2
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