Ottawa Nationals Preview

BDB 2019: 73-89. Last place in Robinson Division

deGrom leads Ottawa staff as one of true BDB Elites

Let’s be honest, nobody wants to talk about the 2019 Nationals. Not because they were one of the worst teams of all time or anything of the sort, they were just sort of beige if you catch my drift. However, seemingly almost over night, everyone is talking about the Nationals, almost as if they turned to scarlet red!

The truth of the matter, it wasn’t just any night, but one particular night. The night was June 19th, 2020. That was the night, where after almost 20 years of wondering the BDB unknown, the Nationals became a “thing”.

So what happened on June 19th, 2020? It was the day of the trade. How significant was this trade for Ottawa?  Well, to put it this way, Beaconsfield did more trades in 2020 then Ottawa has done in the last ten years.  Think I am kidding, look it up!  Ottawa said goodbye to Eugenio Suarez, George Springer and Liam Hendricks and welcomed Ozzie Albies, Zac Gallen, Ramon Laureano and Zach Plesac.  Since that time, Ottawa has become a different team … Not only from the perspective to trades … they’ve since added Paul Goldschmidt, Trea Turner and Kenley Jansen, but a team that is now doing what it must to challenge for the BDB Title. They have gone from a team that had a knock being more afraid to lose, to one who wants to win.

BDB 2020: 88-74 – Beaconsfield may be the TOP Dog, but Ottawa is the Dog barking at their heels

Top Offence in Robinson, 4th in BDB / Third best starting staff in League / Third best Bullpen in League. What interesting is that their worst hitter, is historically their best player. Things are happy in Ottawa.

Come out of nowhere Lamet seeks to provide support to deGrom
Jacob deGrom7
Dinelson Lamet6.8
Zac Gallen4.1
Carlos Carrasco4.1
Chris Bassitt3.5
Charlie Morton2.4
Trea Turner7.3
Mike Yastrzemski7
Paul Goldschmidt5.7
Wil Myers5.1
J.T. Realmuto4.6
Dylan Moore3.8
Willi Castro3.5
Ramon Laureano3.5
Lourdes Gurriel Jr.3.2
Nick Ahmed3
Wilmer Flores2.7
Nolan Arenado2.4
***Players names in italics denote new player
Trea Turner — has it all. Pop, speed, glove and a winning attitude.

Roster Changes:

Gone: Santana, Villar, Springer, Choo, Paddack, Teheran

New: Dinelson Lamet (F), Zach Gallen (T), Trea Turner (T), Paul Goldschmidt (T), Will Myers (D), Dylan Moore (D), Willi Castro (D), Ramon Laureano (T).

Heading into the offseason, Ottawa’s strength was pitching.  In fact, they had a glut of pitching.  Check out their rotation … deGrom (2.40), Lamet (2.08), Gallen (2.73), Carrasco (2.89) and Bassitt (2.28) … so strong is the rotation, that Dave Barras has been able to catapult his team from a smidge over .500 to division contender.  Out went Zach Pleasac and Chris Paddack for Trea Turner and Paul Goldschmidt. 

Heading into the draft, the rotation was already set with deGrom, Lamet, Gallen, Carrasco and Pleasac.  In fact, so strong was it, they decided to part with Pleasac to add Trea Turner and Chris Paddack to add Paul Goldschmidt.   In addition to these trades, the team improved with their draft picks.  The first being first rounder Wil Myers (.288-41-108) and youngsters Dylan Moore and Will Castro.  Add that to the breakout season of Lourdes Gurriel and JT Realmuto, this team has an offense to compete with Beaconsfield.  In fact, when the time comes, Ottawa has a few more bullets available to trade if the need be.  Ozzie Albies remains on the bench along with Didi Gregorius, and Nate Lowe, the Young Texan slugger.

Hope for the Future

Albies – The Future of Ottawa Youth Movement

BDB 2021: 84-78 – Two games out from top spot.

Jacob deGrom5.9
Carlos Carrasco3.3
Charlie Morton3.2
Zac Gallen3
Dinelson Lamet2.8
Chris Bassitt1.9
Nolan Arenado4.8
Trea Turner4.7
Ozzie Albies4.1
J.T. Realmuto4
Ramon Laureano3.3
Jorge Polanco2.7
Paul Goldschmidt2.6
Rhys Hoskins2.5
Mike Yastrzemski2.4
Willi Castro2.2
Nick Ahmed2.2
Eddie Rosario1.8

BDB 2022: 84-78 – One game out of the top spot.

Jacob deGrom4.2
Zac Gallen3.7
Dinelson Lamet2.5
Carlos Carrasco2.3
Charlie Morton2.3
Randy Dobnak2
Ozzie Albies4.5
Trea Turner4.4
J.T. Realmuto3.6
Ramon Laureano3.1
Nolan Arenado2.8
Willi Castro2.5
Rhys Hoskins2.5
Jorge Polanco2.6
Didi Gregorius2.1
Mike Yastrzemski2.1
Nick Ahmed1.8
Eddie Rosario1.6

The reality is Ottawa is set for the next several years.  The core is young and talented, and there are plenty of bats on the farm to come around and make an impact.  Ottawa, being in a point of contention has no need to draft young players who might be good. Ottawa is about the “sure thing”.

Current Rookie ratings:  Ryan Jeffers #85, Will Castro #255, Adonis Medina #274, and Randy Dobnak #377.  NOTE – 2021 Rookie ratings are taken from a combination of ratings provided by Keith Law, Fangraphs, Baseball America, MLB Pipeline, ESPN and Baseball Prospectus.  2020 Rookie ratings taken from a Baseball Prospectus writer.

Top Rated Rookie:  Ryan Jeffers #85 —“He could split time with Mitch Garver behind the plate in Minnesota.  They might not get volume counting numbers, but they could enjoy a batting average north of .250, with a shot at 15-plus homers.”

The Commish