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So we are heading into our next Division switch in our league.  In case you didn’t notice, the schedule is essentially divided into 7 segments.

First segment:  Inter Division Robinson Match-up with Jenkins playing the Frobel Division.

Second segment:  Inter Division Jenkins Match-up with Robinson playing the Frobel Division.

Third segment:  Inter Division Frobel Match-up with Robinson playing the Jenkins Division.

We run through this twice and then for the final segment all teams play inter division right before the end of the season.

Once this segment is done, we usually have some indication who are the contenders, and who are the pretenders.

However, for those who may starting to lose hope, there is always next year, so I have been keeping up tabs on how our teams are doing for next year … I will try to accumulate their WAR stats at the new segment of our schedule.

Here are how your teams are doing after every month according to WAR.  I know this isn’t perfect, however I am taking your top ten hitters and top ten pitchers.  There may be overlap and there may be an inappropriate weight towards starting pitchers, meaning I may be counting more than five starters.  However, I just want to give you a general direction of what’s going on.

Currently the Top Three Hitters and Pitchers are:

Hitters:  Mookie Betts, SAC 3.9; Mike Trout, NB 3.8; Jose Ramirez, MM  3.4

Pitchers:  Justin Verlander, SAC 3.1; Max Scherzer, BW 2.8; Gerrit Cole, YMH 2.7.

Robinson Division:

April:  Montreal  16.2 , Beaconsfield 13.9, Bristol 12.9, Ottawa 12.9

May:  Montreal 26.4, Ottawa 21.2, Beaconsfield 18.6, Bristol 17.9

Jenkins Division

April:  North Bay 14.9, Langley 12.6, Hamilton 10, Madawaska 9.1

May:  North Bay 24.1, Langley 20.7, Hamilton 16.4, Madawaska 14.9

Frobel Division:

April:  Sacramento 16.5, Nassau 13.9, Yorkshire 13.6, Sao Paulo 11.2

May:  Sacramento 27.9, Yorkshire 21.1, Nassau 20.6, Sao Paulo 17.5

Overall Ratings:

April:  Sacramento, Montreal, North Bay, Beaconsfield, Nassau

May:  Sacramento, Montreal, North Bay, Ottawa, Yorkshire

~ The Commish’s Office