North Bay Trappers Preview

I know, I know… the last review was in May … wanting to get these done before the end of August!

The 2019 Trappers – 60-102. Good for Fourth in Division

If this is the best arm the Trappers offer – Its going to be a LONG season

The 2020 Trappers – 47-115, Good for Fourth in Division and last in league.

Andrew Heaney3.8
Jesus Luzardo2.2
Dustin May1.4
Chris Paddack1.1
Matthew Boyd0.3
Deivi Garcia0.7
Jose Ramirez9.2
Luis Robert4.1
Jonathan Schoop3.8
Jurickson Profar3.5
Cody Bellinger3.2
Bo Bichette2.2
Jesus Aguilar1.6
Jorge Soler1.6
Carlos Correa1.5
Samuel Huff1.1
Kyle Schwarber0.4
Dylan Carlson0.1

The Trappers are losers.  There are no two ways about it.  How big a losers are they?  Shortly after the season they traded away one of their All-Time greats in Paul Goldschmidt, NL Cy Young Award Winner Trevor Bauer and Rookie of the Year, and possibly the second coming of Alex Rodriguez (hopefully without J-Lo & the Roids) Fernando Tatis Jr!

What in the world is going on in lock-down North Bay?  Well, the Trappers are meaning to get back to the top, and the best way there is to go down before you go up.  Last season they won 60 games, this year they are slated to win 47.  So, what gives?  It’s all about the plan.   Some teams like to take their time building a winner – 20 years for some team (ahem) (Beaconsfield, Ottawa, Yorkshire) but North Bay has no such patience.  They have a plan to compete in three years or less.

Gone:  Paul Goldschmidt, Fernando Tatis, Randy Grichuk, Trevor Bauer and Brad Keller

New:  Chris Paddack, Jesus Luzardo, Dustin May, Bo Bichette and Cody Bellinger. The Trappers look to have a lock on last place in the division, if not the whole league.

Pitching wise, let’s be honest, Andrew Heaney is nobody’s idea of an ace, but on the Trappers, he gets the nod. The rest of the rotation is all about rolling the dice with reclaimed arms and rookies.

2021 Predicted Order of Finish in Jenkins Division. Third with a 78-84 – Moving Up

If there’s a winner here – Its Jose Ramirez – expected to be the focus of much trade talk
Andrew Heaney3
Jesus Luzardo3
Matthew Boyd2.7
Chris Paddack2.6
Dustin May2.2
Deivi Garcia2.1
Jose Ramirez5.7
Cody Bellinger5.6
Carlos Correa4.6
Bo Bichette4.1
Luis Robert3.5
Kyle Schwarber2
Jonathan Schoop1.8
Jorge Soler1.8
Jurickson Profar1.6
Dylan Carlson1.6
Samuel Huff1.5
Gary Sanchez1.5

BDB 2022: 84-78 – Finally over .500 and shooting for more

If the Trappers are going to rise to prominence once again, Bellinger promises to be a part it it.
Chris Paddack3.1
Dustin May3.1
Luis Severino2.5
Jesus Luzardo2.5
Robbie Ray2.3
Andrew Heaney2.2
Cody Bellinger5.4
Jose Ramirez5.2
Bo Bichette4.5
Carlos Correa4
Luis Robert3.5
Dylan Carlson2.1
Trey Mancini1.9
Jonathan Schoop1.9
Kyle Schwarber1.8
Jurickson Profar1.8
Gary Sanchez1.6
Jorge Soler1.6

Hope for the Future:

Comeback Players:  Cody Bellinger (7.8), Luis Severino (5.6), Carlos Correa (5.1), Andrew Benintendi (4.4), Trey Mancini (3.7), Gary Sanchez (4.3), Jorge Soler (3.6), Matthew Boyd (3.3), and Chris Paddack (2.5). 

2020 Top Prospects:  Luis Robert (2), Jesus Luzardo (8), Dustin May (34), Evan White (52), Logan Webb (232), Adbert Alzolay (399).

2021 Top Prospects:  Dylan Carlson (11), Luis Patino (17), Spencer Howard (38), Deivi Garcia (64), Trevor Rogers (102), Sam Huff (113), Brendan Rodgers (124).Nobody knows how prospects are going to turn out, however North Bay managed to draft several top ranked prospects, so there is hope that two or three will go on to become a regular starter.  

However, North Bay’s greatest hope for success will be found in the injured reserve list.  Looking at their team’s best WAR from the past three years, there is certainly some well-placed hope for the fans of the Trappers.  Hitters they look to have, pitching, not so much.  

Luis Robert – Cuba’s version of Mike Trout? Trappers Fans certainly hope so!

The Trappers have a lot of “ifs” in their future if they are return to winning way. Look for a long and patient approach in order to return to the winner’s circle.