Langley Spartans Preview

BDB 2019 – 71-91 Third in Division

Let’s be honest, nobody really cares about what happens on the field in Langley. The score card for this franchise is found in the Owner’s Suite. For the past several seasons, owner Mike Sambrook has been collecting draft picks like little boys collect caterpillars in a jar, hoping one day to release plenty of butterflies. It looks like after emptying a lot of dead caterpillars that a butterfly might finally emerge.

Soto Potential Best of Best in BDB at 21 years of age leads Spartans

BDB 2020 – 78-84 Third in Division

Justus Sheffield4.3
Max Fried4.1
Antonio Senzatela3
Ian Anderson3
Tyler Mahle3
Sandy Alcantara2.3
Juan Soto6.48
Francisco Lindor4.86
Kyle Lewis4.32
Yoan Moncada4.32
Kyle Tucker4.05
Kolten Wong3.51
Will Smith3.51
Alex Bregman2.43
Austin Hays1.62
Kris Bryant1.35
J.D. Davis1.35
Vladimir Guerrero Jr.0.54
Staff relying heavy on young arms like Fried’s

BDB 2020 is going to be an interesting year for Langley. They might actually win some games. The Spartans are poised to pounce. Heading into this season, was the first time owner Mike Sambrook was quite confidant that this may be a winning season. Although the team is slotted a few games below Madawaska, the amount of sheer talent and youth on this team provide opportunity for timely trade deals that could have serious impact on the win/loss column (please note that this article was written before the start of the season).

The odd thing about this year’s team, is the All Star talent of Francisco Lindor and new comer Alex Bregman is sub standard for this year. Had they been average seasons for them both, Langley would be pretty close to the favourite to win this season. The “star” of this team is its outfield. Juan (the next Mike Trout?) Soto [21 years old] , Kyle “I’m Finally Here” Tucker [23] and Kyle “Rookie of the Year” Lewis [24] will draw many All-Star votes for years to come. Once Vlad Jr shows up, it could be game over for the other teams in the division.

Pitching wise, the team is less set. They will be relying heavily on Max Fried and his 19-0 record, as well as a few partial seasons of Dakota Hudson, Ian Anderson and Sandy Alcantara throughout the season. If these pitchers give the Spartans max performance in their limited usage, you have a playoff challenging team, a year ahead of schedule. it looks like this season has the chance to be a “prime the pump” season for the Spartans. A picture of things to come.

Hope for the Future: This team is built for the future. With the right trades and player development, this team hopes to sit on top of the division for years to come.

If Guererro becomes his Dad – All BDB Champions will have to come through Langley

BDB 2021: 82-20. Second in Division

Max Fried2.8
Tyler Mahle2.3
Frankie Montas2.2
Nate Pearson2.2
Justus Sheffield1.8
Ian Anderson1.7
Alex Bregman6
Juan Soto5.9
Francisco Lindor5.1
Kyle Tucker3.8
Vladimir Guerrero Jr.3.3
Yoan Moncada3.2
Will Smith3.2
Kris Bryant3.2
Gavin Lux2.4
Kolten Wong2.2
Kyle Lewis1.7
Austin Hays1.6
J.D. Davis1.5
Carter Kieboom1.5
Joey Bart0.5
Cristian Pache0.5

The key to this team taking the next steps will be highly dependent on their pitching staff. If the youngsters can get their Tommy John surgeries out of the way early, they quicker they will be able to contend.

Lindor hopes to replicate past seasons rather than so so MLB 2020.

BDB 2022: 87-75. Top Dog Status in Division

Max Fried2.8
Ian Anderson2.5
Tyler Mahle2.3
Frankie Montas2.3
Nate Pearson2.2
Sandy Alcantara2.1
Juan Soto6.6
Alex Bregman5.7
Francisco Lindor4.9
Kyle Tucker3.9
Will Smith3.4
Vladimir Guerrero Jr.3.4
Yoan Moncada3.3
Gavin Lux3
Kris Bryant2.6
Carter Kieboom2
Austin Hays1.8
Kyle Lewis1.1

Top Players on the Farm: Cristian Pache (8), Ian Anderson (10), Nate Pearson (14), Casey Mike (18), Joey Bart (30), Brendan McKay (80), Brustar Graterol (105), Bryse Wilson (136).

Let us no Forget: Cater Kieboom, Gavin Lux, Austin Hays

As we’ve seen throughout the article, everything is about the future in Langley. Let’s be honest, since 2001 – the Spartans – previously the Royals of Ancaster and Waterloo haven’t been the biggest winners. In fact, owner Mike Sambrook’s little brother came into the league a decade later and already have more hardware and pennants hanging in his stadium. The Senior Sambrook is hoping to finally get bragging rights for the next ten Sambrook Christmas Family dinners. All eyes will be on Sambrook to see if he can trade his way to a Championship after drafting his way to the playoffs. Looking like good things to come.