Walker Divison Pre-Draft Preview

Yorkshire:  82.2 WAR / .387 wOBA

This is the team all team’s measure up to or wish to be.  I know, the fans in Yorkshire don’t know what to think.  Winning usually comes from that “other” team in England.  With Booming bats like Acuna, Freeman, Tatis, Machado … this team is now.  On the mound the team added Bundy and Ryu to Cole and Giolitto!  What a season this is going to be for the Moor Hens.  Rumours are floating that they are already at work on the expansion of the stadium to fit in the “Football” crowd for the season.  This is the team to beat!

Sacramento:  68.8  WAR / .345 wOBA

68.8 WAR?  What in the world?  What gives?  The team only has a .345 wOBA, how in the world can it be that high?  Other than Betts, the team doesn’t seem so intimidating, but this team has “D”.    The rest of the talent comes from the pitching staff.  Newcomer Burnes, supported by rookie Urquidy and a couple of Vets who seen to get no respect in Nola and Gonzales, and this team contends.  What makes this team even more intimidating, is their two first round draft picks.  Looks for a Myers / Belt or Smith to end up on this team with a few other spare parts, and all of a sudden Yorkshire has some competition.  It could be a dogfight until the end!

Fort Worth:  51.5 WAR / .341 wOBA

Fort Worth was the Cinderella of the Ball last season, upsetting Montreal before going onto lose in the Divisional Finals.  The difference between this year’s team and last year’s team, is that last season they were built on hitting, this season they are built on pitching.  Look for this team to grab a few more bats to improve their situation, and you know, they might be able to recapture last year’s magic.  If not, plenty of talented arms to trade for the next season.

Nassau:  48.2 WAR / .361 wOBA

This team reminds me of the Cleveland Indians, we are talking of the “Major League” Movie Team.  The team is made up of some flawed hitters, like Cerrano, who can go deep, but suffer from lack of defense (Ozuna).  The rotation is like Harris, a bunch of old guys trying to recapture past glory, (Price) made actually still hurt for the season (Sale).  They also have a Japanese import who will only be with them for one season in Tanaka and of course, there is plenty of Ricky Vaughn imitators in Chapman, Kimbrel and whoever else MacPhail adds to the bullpen.  And of course, the team would not be complete without their fearless leader Jake Taylor, who looks a lot like Miguel Cabrera, just hoping for one more season in the sun

Look for this team to score runs, drop a lot of late inning games and provide some last-minute nail biters.  Oh yeah, do not put much faith in the draft, ownership stocked up on a lot of late round picks to supplement their infatuation with older players.  They could have some trade bait available to them, but hopefully they will stand pat on talent and look forward to… well tomorrow is today for MacPhail so whatever works at the time.