15 Picks for the Draft – Robinson Division Preview

Beaconsfield:  72.6 WAR / .372 wOBA

Is it time?  Well, Beaconsfield certainly hopes so.  After 21 years, the Pathfinders feel they have THE team.  Now, all they need are 15 more pieces to the puzzle, you know, just to add colour, fill out the edges and smooth things out.  Heading into the draft the Pathfinders are the darling for the Robinson Division title.  The Pathfinders are supported by three aces on the pitching staff with Darvish, Bauer and Woodruff.  Backing them up with the bats are Mike Trout, Corey Seager, and MLB AL HR Champ, Luke Voit.  If there’s one thing the Pathfinders are looking to improve in, it’s the pen.  Look for the Pathfinders to strengthen the pen and add some help in a few platoon situations.  

Ottawa:  65.5 WAR / .355 wOBA

When it comes to pitching, the Nationals can go head-to-head with the best of them, including the Pathfinders.  In fact, its 32 vs. 31 WAR for the Pathfinders.  Where the Nationals lag though is on the hitting side of the game.  For the moment, they have the inside track on one of the Wild Card positions but, if they have a chance on raining on the Pathfinder parade, they are going to need to add a few more hitters.  

With an early pick in the draft look for the Nationals to add solid bat like veteran Wil Myers or the younger talent Dominic Smith.  The Nationals do have some depth so there are some trade targets available to them as well, most notably Trea Turner who is one of the premier SS in the league. 

Montreal:  52.5 WAR / .336 wOBA

Montreal is well, on a downturn.  They may feature some star power in Trea Turner and Shane Bieber and have a few youngsters on the club, there isn’t enough talent to seriously challenge the two big dogs in the division.  However, there is plenty of talent here to trade, because that is the air they breathe in Montreal.  

Look for Montreal to collect as much young talent as possible, fight to stay out of the cellar, and of course, expect to see plenty of tears over Alex Bregman.  Montreal has needs at 1B, RF, LF, DH … if they get the jump on the market, maybe they’ll jump up a few Wins.  Enough to challenge?  Nah, will probably wish upon a star for next year.  There may be a bottle of scotch on the table to whomever makes the most trades between Montreal and Beaconsfield.

Bristol:  51.2 WAR / .355 wOBA

Bristol is in a bit of a rebuild.  With no relievers and a lot of holes, they won’t be much of a challenge.  However, Bristol is betting on a few Superstars coming back to life, names like Harper, Yelich come to mind, and others like Reyes, Devers, Ohtani, Alvarez and Meadows reaching their full potential.  

As for the rotation, the team waits on former Cy Young winner Strauburg to return from unjury, and Thor to finally get back form Asgaard.  Look for Bristol to stick to their regular plan of attack in the draft, to grab as many of the highest rated players as possible.