What do 50 Seasons Worth of Sims tell Us?

For this project, 50 season’s worth of sims were played.  Each team’s lineup was constructed with their top OPS at every position.  Lineups were constructed with the following rules:  top OPS player was slotted into the third spot in the order, first and second spot in the order is where the top two OBA players were placed, and the rest were slotted by slugging from 4th through 9th.  

Full rosters were used to construct the best lineups for both right handed and left handed regardless of the 25 man roster rule.  Players were also programmed not to play beyond their allotted time.  

The rotations and bullpens were constructed in the same fashion.

50 seasons were played, and the numbers presented to you here reflect the average results of all the seasons.  The results should prove to help individual teams their greatest needs in the draft and help them going forward.

Abbreviations are: RS, runs scored, RA, runs allowed, Diff., runs differential between scored and allowed.

Short commentary is provided for each team. Check out to see how you did.

Robinson Division:  Two horse race to the finish.  Should be a dog fight until the end of the season for the pennant.

Beaconsfield 100-62 RS/RA:  927-710 Diff:  +217 

Offence: B- / 6.489 Runs / per Game. Fares better vs. righties compared to league average.

Pitching: A / Two top aces at the top of the rotation make this the top one in the league

Defence: C- / Below Average Defence will make it tougher on pitchers.

Seager yelling at Madawaska Owner Todd Kuiack “How do you like them apples?”

Pct Times winning Pennant:  70%

Pct Times winning Wild Card 30%

Pct to make Playoffs:  100%

100 Win Seasons:  23

Best Season:  119-43

Worst Season:  89-73

Beaconsfield boasts one of the best offenses in BDB, and the second best pitching staff in the division.  Shoring up the bullpen will go a long way in improving this team.  A few tweaks here and there will improve the offense, but smart money is to improve the pitching.  Thing is, by the time they pick many of the top relievers will be gone.  Top two pitchers Yu and Bauer will pay off handsomely in the playoffs.

Ottawa Nationals: 95-67 830-663 +166

Offence: C- / Just below average bats

Pitching: B. Tough rotation to beat. Only Beaconsfield rated better.

Defence: A Best in league. Makes pitchers even better.

Alpha Dog deGrom Leads Alpha Rotation in Ottawa

Pct Times Winning Pennant:  30%

Pct of Times Winning WC:  64%

Pct to make Playoffs:  94%

100 Win Seasons:  10

Best Season:  112-50

Worst Season:  80-82

The amazing thing about Ottawa is that there haven’t been many moves made to improve the team.  Their starting staff is ACES – nobody under a 3.00 ERA.  Offensively though, there is room for improvement.  Ottawa still has some players to trade and picks to make in the early rounds, which could close the gap with Beaconsfield considerably.

Bristol Wicketmen: 74-88 744-804 -59

Offence: D+

Pitching: C+

Defence: D+

Bogaaerts Bat Does Talking … Glove … well, remains silent…

Pct Times Winning Pennant:  0%

Pct of Times Winning WC:  0%

Pct to make Playoffs:  0%

100 Win Seasons:  0

Best Season:  87-75

Worst Season:  63-99

This team is playing to finish at .500.  Plenty of talent on this team, just too many of them underachieved in 2020.  No need for a roster overhaul.

Montreal 70-92 774-978 -204

Offence: D-

Pitching: C+

Defence: C+

Happ, Not Happy about moving from Nassau Beaches to Montreal Traffic

Pct Times Winning Pennant:  0%

Pct of Times Winning WC:  0%

Pct to make Playoffs:  0%

100 Win Seasons:  0

Best Season:  82-80

Worst Season:  57-105

Team needs to consider reloading or rebuilding.  Some talent on the team will make for appealing trade bait for those looking to push their way into the playoffs.  Long term talent, not so sure.  Addictions to trading may have cost this team in more ways than one.

Jenkins Division: 

One horse race in this division.  Last season’s champs should sail to the playoffs.  Will need to make a few tweaks in order to repeat as champions.  Lame duck division makes the team better than it really is.

Hamilton:  93-69 936-799 +137

Offence: B- Beaconsfield and Yorkshire only better

Pitching: C- Kind of the three dressed up as a none Trooper song … Defence makes them appear better than they are.

Defence: A. Tops in league along with Ottawa.

Stud of Rotation ready to defend …

Pct Times Winning Pennant:  88%

Pct of Times Winning WC:  0%

Pct to make Playoffs:  88%

100 Win Seasons:  7

Best Season:  105-57

Worst Season:  74-88

Offense will score plenty of runs in this divisions, and pitching staff will be taxed.  Division is not short on hitting, its short on pitching.  Should float its way to a division title.

Madawaska Mudhens 79-83 885-902 -17

Offence: B- Top half of league. Righty killers

Pitching: C

Defence: B-

Teoscar Hernandez #37, “Corey Who?”

Pct Times Winning Pennant:  10%

Pct of Times Winning WC:  8%

Pct to make Playoffs:  18%

100 Win Seasons:  0

Best Season:  91-71

Worst Season:  69-93

The team with the best chance to improve its situation.  Plenty of bats to hurt other teams, lacks an arm or two in the rotation and a few in the pen.  Draft should see some compensation here.  Expect to be actively seeking help at trade deadline.

Langley Spartans 73-89 811-870 -59

Offence: C+ Room for improvement.

Pitching: C- Only Nassau and North Bay are worse

Defence: C-

Soto: Enough rebuild … let’s play!

Pct Times Winning Pennant:  2%

Pct of Times Winning WC:  0%

Pct to make Playoffs:  0%

100 Win Seasons:  0

Best Season:  89-73

Worst Season:  59-103

The draft will be key to the Spartans’ chances of a postseason.  Team needs to transition to accumulating draft picks and young stars and now use picks to trade for immediate help.  The draft is rich this season, and Langley holds a significant amount of early round picks.  Could draft themselves to the playoffs.

North Bay Trappers 49-113 754-1143 -390

Offence: D-

Pitching: F

Defence: B- Finally something to cheer about.

Too Cool: Tatis Jr indicates that he may be too cool for rebuild … options open…

Pct Times Winning Pennant:  0%

Pct of Times Winning WC:  0%

Pct to make Playoffs:  0%

100 Win Seasons:  0

Best Season:  62-100

Worst Season:  39-123

Total rebuild for North Bay.  The acquisition of Bellinger sends a signal to the fan base that rebuild will not be long in the making.  Team has the most promising shortstop in Tatis Jr, and veteran Jose Ramirez at third.  Both could be used as trade bait as Trappers seem assured of landing the first pick in next year’s draft with Wander Franco.  Look for Trappers to keep eyes on future.

Walker Division

Two team race in the Walker Division with two hopefuls will keep the fan base interested for season.

Yorkshire Moor Hans 102-60 869-643 +226

Offence: B+ Tops in the league. Misses out on ‘A’ as they are weak vs/ lefties.

Pitching: C+ Middle of the pack

Defence: C Avg to below average.

Acuna Jr: “No way Hamilton is upsetting me two times in a row …”

Pct Times Winning Pennant:  86%

Pct of Times Winning WC:  14%

Pct to make Playoffs:  100%

100 Win Seasons:  37

Best Season:  11151

Worst Season:  89-73

Stud team with room to improve.  Senior BDB Management thought Yorkshire was going to roll teams into playoffs, but public disarray in England, notably the de-crowing of Churchill and other landmark leaders led to some unimpassioned management?  Who knows.

This year, team made some early moves to shore up staff.  Draft picks available to add some talent to the team that should make its way to the finals.

Sacramento Plaidsox 92-70 758-642 +115

Offence: D+ Not their strong suit

Pitching: B. Just below Ottawa and further from Beaconsfield

Defence: B- Ottawa and Hamilton rated higher.

Eloy delivers for rookie season. Looks to prove there is more there in his bat.

Pct Times Winning Pennant:  14%

Pct of Times Winning WC:  80%

Pct to make Playoffs:  94%

100 Win Seasons:  8

Best Season:  104-58

Worst Season:  80-82

Team is described as “sneaky” good by one of the competitors.  Weakened opposition in Fort Worth and Nassau provides an opportunity for the team to land a Wild Card spot.  Pitching and defense are still a thing in Sacramento, rumours are actually that they will be based in Bellingham, Washington going into the new season.

Plenty of holes to fill with this team which should give them a good chance of upsetting someone along the way.

Fort Worth Parrots 75-87 725-761 -35

Offence: D- Right at the bottom with North Bay and Montreal

Pitching: C+ Good, but not +.500 good for the team

Defence: D Worst in the league

Keuchel: Yeah, I’ve still got it! Hopes to lead another upset for the Parrots.

Pct Times Winning Pennant:  0%

Pct of Times Winning WC:  4%

Pct to make Playoffs:  4%

100 Win Seasons:  0

Best Season:  84-78

Worst Season:  61-101

Last season’s Menace killer looks to be far from repeating last season’s exciting run.  Although the team possesses great pitching, it’s only “good” in their division.  Could be some talent here for the trading later on in the year. Hitting is … well, bad.

Nassau Sharks 69-93 807-903 -97

Offence: B- Have bats.

Pitching: D- Loser like North Bay

Defence: D+ Makes pitching look way worse than North Bay’s

Cabrera continue to build Hall of Fame resume in Nassau .. if only against lefties …

Pct Times Winning Pennant:  0%

Pct of Times Winning WC:  0%

Pct to make Playoffs:  0%

100 Win Seasons:  0

Best Season:  83-79

Worst Season:  53-109

Listen, you won’t hear it from Nassau ownership, but this year’s team, well they don’t have much of a chance.  Don’t get us wrong, the hitting is impressive, just not impressive enough.  How much can they really improve their pitching in the draft?  This publication believes they will keep pace with the others who will get Langley’s cast offs.

Rebuild or reload?  Who’s kidding who?  Ownership doesn’t do either, its a go for it attitude every season in Nassau, and why not?  If they fail, fans are just as happy to spend time on the tropical beaches.