Sacramento Plaid Sox Team Review

The 2019 Version:  The Plaidsox have just come off an amazing stretch of winning seasons – 5 amount with 3 trips to the Finals and winning 1 of those.  So, the Plaidsox decided to step aside last year for a resting period and reload for another run at the Title.  

For those of you interested — this is how their players did in BDB 2019. it was certainly a down year.

Young Bat is a Mighty Bat for Sacramento. Hope springs forth that Eloy will pay dividends for the Sox in the future
Gonzales8-13 4.99
Nola9-13 5.00
Gray13-10 3.64
Bailey8-8 4.50
Pineda9-6 3.83

The 2020 Version? That’s a different story. Season Prediction:  90-76.  

The Plaidsox feature a top notched pitching rotation as well as a well-stocked pen.  Heading into the offseason, the pitching staff was seen as a strength for the team, and the lineup was seen as easily fixable with some tried and true spare parts.  In came Brandon Belt, Dominic Smith, and Jeimer Candelario (although young they have not been considered top of the line prospects) — but as owner Ryan Sambrook has been quoted as saying – “there’s nothing that beats out potential as performance”.

Mookie Betts continues to pay dividends for the team, along with fellow draftee Dansby Swanson and newcomer Ely Jimenez.  Although not as proficient with the bats, Matt Chapman and Kevin Kiermaier continue to provide value with the glove.  Look for some of the veterans performing well in 2020 to be used as trade bait.

Its a tight division, and both of the two top teams are hungry to win. It will be interesting to see who makes the most impactful trades during the season to separate themselves from the other. Playoff bound for certain.

Its rumoured that Sacramento KNEw everything that Burns was going to become … we say that Sambrook got a little lucky on this one.
Corbin Burnes6.5
Aaron Nola5.4
Marco Gonzales5.4
Sonny Gray4.6
Michael Pineda3
Jose Urquidy1
Mookie Betts8.1
Dansby Swanson5.1
Brandon Belt5.1
Dominic Smith4.9
Eloy Jimenez4.3
David Fletcher4.1
Jeimer Candelario4.1
Sean Murphy4.1
Kevin Kiermaier3.5
Matt Chapman3.2
Austin Slater3.2
Mike Brosseau3.0
Betts Bat keeps thumping and thumping. One of the better draft picks in Sac History…

2021 – 83-79 (Second in Division Tied with Nassau)

Aaron Nola4.3
Sonny Gray3.1
Marco Gonzales2.9
Corey Kluber2.9
Corbin Burnes2.7
Michael Pineda2.4
Mookie Betts6.2
Matt Chapman5.1
Jose Altuve3.6
Eloy Jimenez3.4
Jeimer Candelario3
Aaron Hicks2.9
J.P. Crawford2.6
Sean Murphy2.5
David Fletcher2.3
Dansby Swanson2.1
Alejandro Kirk2.1
Mike Brosseau2

2022 – 82-80 (Second in Division)

Let’s be Honest — not many pitchers with their success get as little respect as Nola. Thing is, he doesn’t care, he just cares about getting the job done.
Aaron Nola4.1
Sonny Gray2.8
Corbin Burnes2.2
Marco Gonzales2
Corey Kluber1.7
Sonny Gray1.3
Mookie Betts5.7
Matt Chapman4.7
Jose Altuve3.1
Eloy Jimenez2.9
Jeimer Candelario2.7
Alejandro Kirk2.4
J.P. Crawford2.3
David Fletcher2.2
Dansby Swanson2.1
Aaron Hicks2.1
Yandy Diaz2
Mike Brosseau1.9

Hope for the Future – Not a lot of top of the line talent here, but picks could be replenished if team stumbles during this season and doesn’t reach full potential. The reality is, who cares about the Future… when the Future is NOW. Look to Sacramento to continue their re-stocking, trading and clawing to stay on top.