New Belted Deep Baseball Site Revealed

Here is the new website of Belted Deep Baseball …. as time gets moving I will continue to add to it and adjust accordingly for all your BDB needs.

~ The Commish

3 thoughts on “New Belted Deep Baseball Site Revealed

  1. Commish,

    Can you show the same enthusiasm you expressed for the past three Trappers World Series victories by posting at least one picture in celebration of the 2010 BDB World Series champions, Sao Paulo Tricolor? Might I suggest a Dallas Braden picture from his no hitter in real life who got the final out in the BDB World Series! You might also want to post the Arch of Constantine symbolizing the Triumph Sao Paulo lead the vanquished Hamilton team under during their Requiem in the divisionsal playoff series. May Joe Chapman be satisfied knowing that belated justice was served against that bellicose manager from Steel town.

    By the way, My draft picks are for sale for solid players under the age of 30 to those of you who overpay for rookie hype.

  2. Great posts Mr. Smith. You get the sense there will be a lot of teams competing for the 4 playoff spots!

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