Bristol Wins One for Robinson

For the first time in League history, the coveted BDB Championship Trophy was claimed by long time Robinson resident, the Bristol Wicketmen.

Regarding the victory, owner Geoff Haddock had this to say…

Well, I need to be honest.   I really expected Bristol to be a real contender for a DMB championship.  Alas, it was the Bristol Academicals of the LP2 Baseball League (the Accies won 101 games, but lost in the playoffs).  As for the Wicketmen, I figured they’d win 75-80 games.  [*** BDB Management considers the LP2 League a distant Cousin League… its more of a Renegade League run by Anti-Canadian Joe Chapman ***]  After their typical strong start, I expected the Wicketmen to perform their annual swoon on around May 17.  But they kept on plugging away and built up a pretty strong lead that the Pathfinders, Menace, and Nationals could not overcome.

As for the playoffs, well, it’s pretty much a coin flip.  The Wickets somehow managed to win a series in which they struck out 94 times.  Yes, 94.  As for the final, wow.  When I saw that the Wickets won despite a negative run differential, it brought to mind the 1960 World Series.  The Wicketmen continued to rely on the long ball – 25 in 14 playoff games.  World Series MVP Jed Lowrie led the way, hitting 4 longballs and batting .480.  My commiserations to Bryn – the Sharks had another great season.

Thanks to the commish for another great BDB season.  Here’s to a lively off-season!


One thought on “Bristol Wins One for Robinson

  1. What. A. Series.
    After looking at the boxscores, the only thing that came to mind was “If this was real, it would be the greatest World Series in history.” Can you imagine what the crowd would have been like in that 9th inning of Game 7???
    As a long time BDB loser, I can really feel your pain, Bryn. I’m sure the name Joakim Soria will haunt you for years.
    Geoff, congrats. Going in to the year, I knew you’d be solid, but didn’t think you could pull it off. Billy Beane said it right – he could get the team to the playoffs, but after that it’s a crapshoot. Well done man!

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